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BrightChats Professional

BrightChats offers families, friends, colleagues, professional consultants and corporations a ubiquitous virtual platform - to continue to work, socialize or stay connected - from anywhere, anytime!

With emphasis on privacy and robust security, it is affordably priced, to service paying and non-paying users, during these pandemic times; yet, offering unlimited number to connections to every user, with no time limits on sessions.

Our Products

BrightChats Offers 4 Products


How to join as a professional

Register as a Professional using the REGISTER button. You will see the PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION page; enter your information (name, email, location, cell number, password). Upload your photo.

Next, enter your field of expertise, sub-expertise, education; select the number of years of experience you have and the rate you wish to charge.

Then select the languages you speak, indicate if your rate is negotiable and free time you are willing to offer to the clients, if any.

Lastly, indicate the method of payment you wish your clients to use to pay you. There are several like – PayPal, Transferwise.Com and others. Then click REGISTER NOW.

NOTE: BrightChats does not facilitate payments nor does it take any fee off of your hourly rates; it is strictly between the service requestor and yourself.

How do new clients find you:

Users looking for services will SEARCH our site, answer questions for information as listed in the Registration form. When there is a match the site will display the result, one or several. The requestor can then review your PROFILE, and CONNECT to you right from your registered home page, if your status shows GREEN, available, at that time; if not they can use the CALENDAR function to request a meeting with you. They can also choose to ADD you to their CONTACTS page and from then on just meet with you when the two of you choose to do so.

Virtual Meetings:

You can use SOLO for meetings with one client or up to 6 clients at one time. Or, you can use CONFERENCE ROOM to hold larger meetings, of up to 20 users.

In either case, the features listed below are available.


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BrightChats Features

See and talk
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Audio Video

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Real Time Chat

Meida Share
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File Share

Screen Share
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Screen Share

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Snap Shot

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Save Shared Files

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  • Document & Media Share

  • See & Talk

  • Draw

  • Screen Share