Frequently Asked Questions


chit-chat-back-imgBrightChats is an on-line meeting place, with a database of professionals and a virtual office platform that enables users to connect live to anyone, anywhere. Professionals can monetize their expertise, and, the general public can use the site to connect with colleagues, friends and family anywhere in the world.

chit-chat-back-imgBrightChats is a virtual office, not just a communication tool like the others. All of its features are available at the first click; the user interface is friendly and easy to use. It also provides a database for professionals to offer their expertise and monetize.

chit-chat-back-imgBrightChats offers four services: SOLO 6 and SOLO 20 for users to connect live to anyone anywhere; PROFESSIONAL for users to offer their professional services to other users or their clients and monetize; and ENTERPRISE, for companies to request a custom branded multimedia collaboration platform for their internal company use.

chit-chat-back-imgFirst, you need to use Google Chrome as your browser, this allows you to use all of BrightChats’ many features. For SOLO: Users sign up with first and last name, email address and location. Your location is used to display your current time to the other users you connect with. Upon sign in you are taken to the ‘Your Contacts’ page, where you Add Contacts (+ sign) just like you would on your cell phone, with their first and last name and email address.

chit-chat-back-imgThey each get an email from saying that you have added them as a contact. When they sign up, you will see them and their availability status on your Contacts page.

chit-chat-back-imgThere are two ways: if your contacts are signed in and available (Green), you click the ‘Connect’ button next to their name. They will see an Invite pop up in their contacts page and accept – you will then be connected with them. If your contact is not available, you click the calendar next to their name and request a time to connect. They will receive an email with a meeting request. When they confirm the time, you will receive a confirmation email and the two of you can connect at the scheduled time.

chit-chat-back-imgOn the home page, click ‘PROFESSIONALS’ on the top right of your screen. That will take you to the ‘Professionals’ page where you register and enter the required information. You are then available to other users when they search for your type of expertise using the ‘SEARCH FOR A PROFESSIONAL’ button. That connection is then similar to the SOLO connection method.

chit-chat-back-imgPlease email us at or call us at 650 233-6670 for pricing and other details.

chit-chat-back-imgThey are audio, video, file share, screen share, draw, one to one, upto 6 or upto 20 users conferencing. You do not need to take notes, as you can record audio/video or record audio/video and file sharing at the same time.

chit-chat-back-imgIn the case that you don’t go through a firewall it is very secure, because when we connect the two of you, or your conference group, our server then drops out, so you are connected directly from your computer/browser to the other user’s computer/browser. When you go through a firewall then we go through a third party Turn Server; but we still don’t record or save anything on our servers.

chit-chat-back-imgAudio/Video: when connected, users have selections below each of their videos, they are: expand video, record yourself or the other user, take a snapshot.

Recorded audio/video can be saved on user local machine; we don’t save anything on our servers. The video box is also movable to any spot within the browser page.

File Share: Each user has his/her own window to share their file. You can share pdf, jpg, gif, png, mp3 and mp4 files in the file share window; click the File Share button on the bottom, select the file from your document or picture folder and click Open. All uploaded files stay in the drawer for you to use as you go through your meeting. Each side has their own window, or you can choose to use one larger window. In Conference there is only display window; however, each user can still upload their own files, the files sit in the drawer and can be displayed in the one window when each is needed. Files shared here can also be saved by other users on their local machines.

Screen Share: One user can share his/her screen at a time. This allows user to share documents that can’t be shared in the File Share, like X-Rays, Power Point, Word, Excel, etc. Documents that are shared in the File Share can also be shared using Screen Share.

Chat: A chat box allows users to text back and forth, use chat icon on top right.

Quick Connect: Users can connect with a non-registered user who is not on the contact list. Enter the other sides email and click Send; they get an email with instructions on how to connect.

chit-chat-back-img BrightChats pricing for SOLO 6 is $1 per month, $10.00 per year, or $0.00 For Now subscription. BrightChats pricing for SOLO 20 is $2 per month or $20.00 per year subscription.
Professionals registering to offer their services have the option to choose SOLO 6 or SOLO 20 and select the respective pricing subscription.
All users will have access to unlimited number of connections and stay connected each time for as long as they please.
BrightChats plans to use the revenue it receives to provide increasing technical support to a growing user base, in these challenging pandemic times.
ENTERPRISE customer pricing available upon request. Send your request
BrightChats does not facilitate payments between requestors and professionals for their services rendered; those rates and payment methods should be agreed upon between the parties.

chit-chat-back-imgThe procedure for enabling Google Chrome Screen Share on a macOS Catalina: Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences, double-click on Security and Privacy, then on the Privacy tab select Screen Recording and make sure Google Chrome’s checkbox is checked.