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About BrightChats

BrightChats is a Silicon Valley, California based company, with a global team of developers and professionals.


Our VISION is to provide global access to users in an easy, user-friendly, face-to-face virtual office platform.


Our MISSION is to provide users with instant access to professionals in a wide range of fields, from tutoring, legal, medical and more. And, to enable friends, family, colleagues, advisors to connect in real-time, from anywhere in the world.


Our virtual exchange platform allows users to:

  • Connect To Anyone Anywhere,
  • Sign up as a professional to offer services to existing or new clients,
  • Search for and connect with a professionals,

Connection is enabled through a user-friendly virtual office, powered by our proprietary communication module that allows users to see, talk and choose to record each other; exchange text messages; share and choose to save pdf documents, movies or pictures; share screens to share and view any other documents, files, books from their computers or iCloud storage; take and choose to save snap shots; record entire (voice and image) sessions; draw and choose to save from white board; conference with multiple users; and more.


BrightChats technology is designed to provide the ‘robust security of a Private Office environment’ when the connection consists of six or less participants; and, the ‘security of a Conference Room’ when the connection consists of seven to twenty participants.

In the Private Office mode (6 users or less), as soon as we connect the participants, our server drops out; but we leave you with all the tools you need to conduct your meeting. From that point on the connection is one user’s device to the other user’s device – so it is browser to browser; for as long as the users choose to stay connected; while still providing additional multiple security features.

In the Conference Room mode (up to 20 users), we use a media server to keep you connected; and, we provide you with all the tools you need to conduct your meeting; from that point on the connection is one user’s browser to a server to the other user’s device; for as long as the users choose to stay connected; while still providing multiple security features.

The Products

  • SOLO – For Person To Person Connection, Or Conferencing Up To 20 Users; Using All The Features Of Audio/Video/Document Sharing, Screen-Sharing, Recording And More.
  • PROFESSIONAL - For Professionals To Monetize On Their Expertise By Registering In Our Data Base, So Users Can Find Them And Connect In A Virtual Office Space, using SOLO.

Browser of choice

While can be accessed using various browsers, it is recommended using Google Chrome browser in order to take advantage of all the features. Connection is enabled through user’s email address.

Pricing Model

BrightChats pricing for SOLO is $1 per month, $10.00 per year, or $0.00 For 3 Months subscription.

Professionals use SOLO to offer their services.

All users will have access to unlimited number of connections and stay connected each time for as long as they please.

BrightChats plans to use the revenue it receives to provide increasing technical support to a growing user base, in these challenging pandemic times.

BrightChats does not facilitate payments between requestors and professionals for their services rendered; those rates and payment methods should be agreed upon between the parties.